A Seed Grew

Many years ago, when we first went to Nkonya, we came to meet a young Presbyterian pastor, fresh out of Trinity Seminary, on his way to ordination, with a passion for God. Rev. Joseph Badu-Sekyere’s mother tongue was Twi and he struggled with learning Nkonya himself, but he recognized the importance of the language as few outsiders have done.

Rev. and Mrs. Joseph and Annie Badu-Sekyere, today

I remember him saying.  “All my church elders speak Twi.  When I meet with them the conversation begins in Twi, then it slides into Nkonya, the matters get thrashed out and finally it resurfaces into Nkonya to give me a summary.”

He was convinced that just using Twi in the church was not sufficient to really touch hearts.

He instigated a committee that would translate the liturgical scripture readings for each Sunday into Nkonya so that they could be read alongside of the Twi.  The members of that committee were drawn from a number of different churches in town, not just from the Presbyterian Church.

Each week a hand-written copy of scriptures translated into Nkonya was read in addition to the Twi Bible.

People at the Catholic Church, whose liturgical readings closely parallel those used in the Presbyterian Church wanted to know why they couldn’t have Nkonya as well, and were invited to send someone to the committee meetings to take a copy away.

Word spread.  Other churches in other towns wanted the Readings. Typed copies started going out, then monthly copies, and finally quarterly copies produced on a computer, photo-copied and made into booklets.

As the work of Bible Translation began in earnest and as improved and finalized drafts were completed they were incorporated into the readings being sent out. Today they are sent out quarterly to every Presbyterian and Catholic Church in Nkonya.

Mr. Emmanuel Latse, a member of the Wurupong Church of Christ, a congregation that doesn’t even use liturgical readings, was on that first committee as a volunteer. Now, project coordinator of the Nkonya Translation Team,  he has made sure that first every week, and then every quarter, for over fifteen years, Nkonya scripture has gone out to be read in churches.

Mr. Emmanuel Latse


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  1. Lila said

    See how the mustard seed grows!

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