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Hot off the Press

She didn’t have the privilege of attending school as a child.  She doesn’t read English. But she learned how to read her own Mother Tongue.  And now she has a New Testament in her own Language to read.

The New Testament in Nkonya

A New Covenant of Love

She can read it for herself



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Pre-Sunrise November 1st

Driving back from the pool this morning I was treated to a brilliant display of colours in the eastern sky. I grabbed a camera and drove out to the edge of town to catch the last of them. Returning home again, the sun just topped the horizon as I turned east for the last block. A burst of brilliance heralding what now looks like a most ordinary grey day.  You don’t have to be up very early to encounter sunrise these days.

When morning gilds the skies, my heart awakening cries,

“May Jesus Christ be praised!”

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