Christ Affirms Culture

Perhaps one of the most moving segments of the recent Nkonya New Testament Dedication was a play mounted by the Tayi cultural group.  Drawing on historical music, dance, and formal protocol, the New Testament, “God’s New Oath” was presented by the Tayi Chief to the Chief of Nkonya who accepted it on behalf of his people to use it to lead, care for, and bless them.

When I figure out how to edit out selected segments of our hours of video tape I’ll try to put it on the blog.  For right now, here are some stills.

The Linguist for the Chief of Tayi challenging the Chief of Nkonya to forsake all evil and receive the newly written book, "God's New Oath"

A dance, traditionally only performed by virgins, celebrates the Chief's acceptance.

Presenting a copy of "Bulu Ntam Pɔpwɛ" to the Chief of Nkonya. Three times the question was asked, "Do you receive this?" Three times the affirmative was given, "Yo ,Nahɔ." " Yes, I have received it."

The Chief, leaving the gathering, New Testament in Hand.


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