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Not my next job

Want to send chills down your spine?

Try this for an occupation.


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Two bitting along

Blowing bubbles comes first.  And learning to blow bubbles underwater opened the doors to swimming for me.

Then a trip to West Africa and Christmas took me out of the pool for two months.

Coming back in January I found myself short of breath after half a length.  Huuum.  Time for the “bit” approach.  Half a length of crawl, half a length of aquasize jogging.  Half a length of crawl, half a length of something else.  One length, more aquasize.  One length more aquasize. . . yadah yadah.  When one has attained Grandmother status no one cares if you add strange exercises to your lane swim as long as you stay in the lane designated, “recreational.”

Today was a milestone- half a mile of continuous crawl stroke.  Admittedly, I have a friend who can swim a mile in half the time it took me to do a half-mile.  One needs to keep accomplishments in perspective.

Still there is a lot to be said for working on the bits and gradually adding them together.  Many mosquitos weigh a pound and all that.

In Alberta those are the ones hardly worth swatting though. As one of my kids said,  “In Africa mosquitoes are fast and sneaky. Here they are fat and lazy.”  Either kind only swim as larvae.

A sweet young thing, recently informed me, that one of the characteristics of grandmothers is a taste for “quirky conversation.”

Guilty, I think.

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