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It’s hard to stay in the limelight. Today, a man stabbed and killed by a fighting cock in California, has knocked the Protesters in Tahrir Square off the top spot in “Most Read” on BBC news. The live feed there has been discontinued. I’m sure the Egyptian regime hopes desperately that by the weekend the protesters will be yesterday’s news.

Today, as I headed out to the swimming pool, the radio was playing a historical piece on Baby Doc’s fall from power in Haiti, following similar street demonstrations.  A reporter recalled watching the midnight departure of Baby Doc, as he drove his smart little sports car and his wife into the bowels of an American military transport plane to be flown into exile in France.  A Haitian reporter remembered the celebrations in the street that followed, and then the tire necklacing and lynching of as many members of the hated Tonton Macoutes as the populace could get their hands on.  A year later he decided that, though Baby Doc was gone, basically it was the same as it always was, and he moved to the United States.

It was a rather sobering moral tale and it stayed with me while I swam.


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