Blood, Guts, and God

They get sanitized out of the News.

Yuri Komuro, emailing CBC wrote

“We watched … the tidal wave swallowing up the village. But what you probably missed (and [what was] probably edited out by the time it was shown in Canada) was this tidal wave swallowing very quickly cars and people. Everyone at our office who was watching this live broadcast gasped, cried in horror. It was like a scene from the movies but deadly real.”

I thought about the tsunami scenes, and the news clips from Libya that I have watched.  The cars carried through flood waters are always empty, participants are usually stranded on housetops or being winched up into helicopters.  Protesters in Libya are manning weapons, or lying in hospital beds with up-to-date medical equipment hooked up and doctors hovering.

Once I saw a picture of a young soldier with blood ominously edging his mouth.  Once, in News covering the earthquake in New Zealand, there was a sentence describing the relief at the Christ Church cathedral when no bodies were discovered inside-though it didn’t overtly mention God or thanksgiving.  And somehow even the media cannot resist pictures of Islamic protesters bowed in united prayer.

But basically, it is not only Gaddafi who covers bodies with sand, washes away the blood, and sanitizes the news.

At least I would like to think that those in trouble still cry out instinctively to their Creator in trouble, and thank him when they walk out of dangerous places alive.

I would hope that man, so confident that he can control, and run the world satisfactorily by the strength of his intellect and improved technology, is given pause when God shakes the foundations, unleashing the smallest fraction of potential destruction.

I’m not too sanguine about it.

But I know that the same media that sanitizes God out of the news, clips out the blood and guts.

And I know the blood and guts are there.


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