What about the fallout?

Being closer to sixty these days than I am to fifty I no longer see life extending on beyond me to the farthest horizon.

And so, as I pour over the verses of Genesis, I sometimes stop to wonder if it is a good use of time, resources, energy.  If this is what will define my life through the rest of my working days, is it worth it?

What is the significance of just having invested an entire day pouring over a mere page of ancient text that presents an apparently simple story.

No use whatsoever- unless it is more than that-unless it is somehow a key to life now.

Is there an eternal God who interacts with human beings on a personal level? Does he do today what he did then?

At the end of the day, I sit contemplating the story of Hagar and Ishmael, and Abraham.

If ever there was a command of God that seemed to cut across the demands of decency,  parental affection, and good common sense, it was the command to exile this young sixteen year old and his mother to the desert, with nothing but a bag of food and a goatskin of water.

No wonder it was a “very bad thing in the eyes of Abraham.”

“Obey me,” said God, “and I will take care of the fallout.”

And he did.

It’s still a principle worth grasping.



  1. scott said

    Seems he was forced to make a harsh decision with his other son as well.

    • Indeed. Just worked on that account and still mulling it. Isaac’s level of trust in his father seems to have equaled Abraham’s trust in God.

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