Gutsy Gal with Gumption Gets Guy

She’s a rich girl, a darling of her nanny, maids in waiting a-plenty, but she’s off to the spring herself with a jar to fill. She’s not above rolling up her sleeves to water a camel train worth of dusty guzzlers.  And she’s got the spunk to up and leave home, to choose a husband sight unseen, now, before second thoughts have a chance to intrude.

Worthy of a Munsch Princess, or what?

If I admire Rebecca, I really warm to Abraham’s elderly servitor even more.

He runs the whole household for Abraham and is his oldest servant. That’s a camp with three hundred home-raised fighters alone, so quite an establishment.

Loyal, and willing to swear.  Practical – thinking ahead, “And what if the woman won’t come back with me?”  Planning the logistics- Ten camels,  gifts calculated to impress, a detail of men. Prayerful – trusting God’s leading.

I love his approach to getting guidance.  He asks for a specific answer to a problem, and acts immediately when it comes.

He doesn’t abandon common sense in the process.  And he’s canny enough to get in and get out.

So often we ask God for advice.  Then we are tempted to dither, questioning if we’ve heard correctly, until we talk ourselves right out of action.

If you haven’t read Genesis 24 recently you should give it a re-run.



  1. scott said

    It’s striking that Abraham ‘lends’ his faith in God to the servant. The servant is initially hesitant: “What if she won’t come?”

    Abraham has confidence in the Lord; he tells the servant an angel will go before him. Moreover, he says, “If she won’t come then don’t bother with the oath [and don’t bother with my son’s wife and don’t bother with God’s promise that I’ll be father to a nation].”

    Abraham’s gone through some horrific testing and *he’s* sure of God’s nature, even though the servant isn’t fully. He’s willing to release the servant from the oath if God proves false, because he’s not afraid that God will prove false.

    Abraham is gracious. He recognizes that although the servant has some anxiety, he doesn’t have to try and beat all anxiety out of his servant in order for God to be God.

    Through his faith, he is able to make a concession that salves his servant. “Because I am fully faithful, you don’t have to be for God’s plan to unfold.” Almost sounds like Jesus, there.

  2. scott said

    What a great chapter, by the way!

  3. Yes I think Abraham had faith in the expedition, and the servant called on “Yahweh, the God of my master Abraham” so it does look like he traded somewhat on Abraham’s faith.

    But I think too that Abraham’s steward was a Manager, with an eye to carrying out operations that Abraham counted on.

    His “test” was crafted with an eye to practicality. I think though, he was blown away by God’s quick answer- though not so blown away as not to capitalize on it.

    I’m not sure that I’d trust Laban not to back out of a deal if you gave him time to rework the angles- too much of an opportunist.

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