The Rescue of a Dog

So much evil going on in our world- murder, and torture, and rape.   Human lives so little valued, destroyed as just so much collateral damage.  I think that’s why the rescue of a mere dog touches me.  Perhaps if being kind to an animal is worth while, there is hope that extending mercy to humankind is also possible.

It reminds me that unlike us, an Almighty God does not have to triage his resources- they are unlimited. Important things do not go unattended while he fritters time and effort on minor issues.

It reminds me that I have to listen to his nudging because there will be times when he wants me to spend time and money and energy on items I have mentally put on my  “Z” to do list.

If you have missed watching the dog who escaped the Tsunami- its here.



  1. And the dog, “Ban” has now been reunited with it’s owner. How amazing is that?

  2. Janet said

    I was going to say, you need your follow up report!

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