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Fair Rosalind and the Candlestick

The Magpie is an inveterate listener to pod-casts and sometimes he drops a verbal shiny.  Yesterday he contributed this one, culled from a discussion of “Trust and the Banking Business.”

A mother, a strong believer in the sanctity of marriage, went to visit her son. While there she was introduced to his “flat-mate,” the lovely Rosalind. Quite simply, a flat-mate, of the most platonic variety, he assured her.

Over supper she observed the two, the knowing glances they cast, their manner of interaction. She drew her own conclusions but kept her own counsel.

Not long after her return home she received a letter from her son,

Dear Mother, I’m not saying you took it, and I’m not saying you didn’t- but after your visit to our flat, Rosalind’s prized heirloom candlestick seems to have gone missing.

She promptly wrote back,

Dear Son, I’m not saying you are sleeping with her, and I’m not saying you are not- but if Rosalind were sleeping in her own bed, she would have found the candlestick.


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