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“A pessimist, they say, sees a glass of water as being half empty; an optimist sees the same glass as half full. But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty.” – G.Thomas Gale


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God will see to it

How often has someone said, “Don’t worry, I’ll see to it for you.” And we relax.

I’ve been turtling along in my Hebrew studies and the reading I read on Sunday was that most intimate of stories, of God, and Abraham, and Isaac in the mountains of Moriah.

“Jehovah-Jireh- my provider, thy grace is sufficient for me, for me.” . . . the words of a popular Christian song are probably the first things that drift through my mind, along with the phrase,  “God will provide a lamb,” and “Behold the lamb, of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.”

But the verb, now brought as “provide” in the majority of English translations, is the common everyday verb usually translated as “see”, and the lamb, in fact turned out to be a full grown ram with horns large enough to get entangled in a thicket.

Nothing wrong with the English Christian translations, though worth noting that our conceptions do influence our word choice.  Still, it was the simplicity of literal translation that encouraged me.

The Tanakh, a Jewish translation of the tradition Hebrew text says,|

Then Isaac said to his Father, Abraham, “Father”

And he answered, “Yes, my son.”

And he said, “Here are the firestone and the wood, but where is the sheep for the burnt offering?”

And Abraham said, “God will see to the sheep for the burnt offering, my son.” And the two of them walked on together.

Lets walk on together, God will see to it.

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Don’t waste your time on the Soaps

I said something like that to a lady at the pool after mentioning that I was following the news from Egypt closely, and she said, “But at least we know the Soaps [soap operas] aren’t real.”  Yes, and therefore not something we expend effort praying about.

For the last 12 days I have been glued to the BBC live feed which is covering events in Egypt.  That is, I catch up on it multiple times through the day and have read it all. Momentous history in the making.   There’s a lot I don’t know and I can’t see the eventual fallout. I pray for justice to prevail.

The last two entries seemed significant:

  1. 1415: We’ve received a few of the following: TravellerW tweets: “Word of a Christian mass on Tahrir tomorrow sunday. I’ll be there, too, praying. Will you?”
  2. 1410: Ursula Lindsey, writing in the Arabist blog, draws attention to activists held by the secret police: “Many Egyptian human rights activists arrested in the last few days remain in detention… There are probably hundreds if not thousands of others that are also being detained, interrogated and tortured right now. Frightening as the attacks on foreign journalists have been, most of our colleagues have emerged relatively unscathed. It’s the Egyptians being rounded up by police and intelligence that I truly fear for.

Christians need to wake up and pray.

We make a big noise about democracy and freedom of speech in the West.  We need to put our prayers where our mouths are.

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Hot off the Press

She didn’t have the privilege of attending school as a child.  She doesn’t read English. But she learned how to read her own Mother Tongue.  And now she has a New Testament in her own Language to read.

The New Testament in Nkonya

A New Covenant of Love

She can read it for herself


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Mr. Rogers

I played the video of Mr. Rogers defending his bid for program funding that appeared on the Happy Moron’s blog, and that sent me looking for some of his stuff and I found the PBS Mr. Rogers interactive site for kids. Totally charming.  Loved the videos of how crayons and bouncing balls are made and the interactive sites where clicking on object makes things happen.

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The Shibboleth was a ruff

It’s hard not to be what we are, as this story shows.

He said he was from Newfoundland. But He called  a roof a  “ruff”, and talked about hitchhiking on the Interstate, not the Highway.

So the police were called.

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And hot lunches for little kiddies

“Well, we know it’s a scuzzy thing to do- but we’re addicted to the money.”

So the parents are still being roped into running the treadmill and turning the spit at the casinos.  So why are they not saying, “No!” to this kind of enslavement?

Must be the lunches for little kiddies.  Perhaps every parent who packs lunches could just send an extra one along.

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