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So Little Loved

What a world we live in- so little loved and cherished of all that breathes life.  I guess the news has carried a lot of viciousness,  and a lot of killing of those supposed to be loved, in the last days. Perhaps that’s the norm for the news.

So little loved, and then, I see some little one, receiving a gift of lavish love.

If only the extra-ordinary would be the norm.

Here’s a video that I found difficult to watch, but it also had me in tears by the end of my half-watching.


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Infanticide Rare?

I suppose I should be appreciative of the fact that it is still news and people are still appalled when women birth babies and subsequently kill them.

However, a quote from a CBC news article caught my eye this evening,

“Two Calgary women have been charged with infanticide in less than a week, but that doesn’t mean it is widespread, experts in Calgary say.”

Oh really?  In 2008 over 12,000 abortions were performed in Alberta.  That’s approximately one abortion for every four live births.

We kill one in five of our children before they even have chance to draw breath, and yet calmly say that infanticide is rare?

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