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October 15th, Red Deer

Just for the record.  This afternoon I noticed the sun playing tag with the clouds and was enticed into a walk through Bower Woods.  No flowers or mushrooms in evidence, not even many plants in seed.  A few lonely rose
hips and isolated berries clinging to bare stems.  About the only fall colour left was the remnant of mountain ash leaves reduced to a pale yellow,  a shadow of their former magnificence.   All that being said however, still a very pleasant day for a walk.


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Some Vivids

The Birds should be happy with these Mountain Ash berries

And this is? Some form of Kale, I'm thinking

Also found in neatly clipped hedges all over town

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Just before the Rain

I’ve decided that the best time photograph fall colour is just before or just after a rain.  Yesterday started out clear, but by the time I had walked up Spruce Drive, rain was threatening.

I snapped a couple of pictures and decided to return home instead of going on to Rotary Park.

Back up Spruce Drive,

West on 32nd Ave

Through the Underpass at Kin Canyon

Over the bridge

Up out of Bower Woods, just as the first drops started to fall

And then walked on home in a gentle misting rain.

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A Gentler Palette

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Bower Woods, September 3

What really pushed me out on a walk today was to check on the the Caragana bushes I’ve been tracking since first blossom.  I thought I had left it too late, but I was just in time.  If you stand near a Caragana bush at this time of year and listen carefully you will hear the soft pop, pop, pop of  pods splitting and spitting forth their seed.

Ripe Caragana Seeds

Curled Horns of a Split Pod

Then I figured I should take a look around at what was happening.  The last time I walked Red Deer trails was on August 15th.  Even then you could see signs of the coming Autumn.  However, truth be told,  most things are still green though the wild roses are taking the lead with changing leaves.

Wild Rose Leaves

It’s as though the  Woods are poised waiting for the curtain to go up on Fall.  Today I noticed  the absence of the small butterflies so abundant two weeks ago.  The Sow Thistles that then boldly demanded attention with their yellow blooms, today blended their whites with those of the Canada thistles. The purple vetch that has bloomed furiously all summer, building mounded islands in the disturbed meadow, has given itself over to the making of seed too. Not a blossom to be seen.

Vetch pods

Smooth purple asters were still plentiful, though looking more tousled than before.

That consummate hustler, the Canada Thistle, was unfortunately abundant.   Not my favourite plant by a long shot, but there were so many they just begged to be photographed.

Field of Canadian Thistle in Seed

Canadian Thistle- ready to fly

Many red rose hips in evidence.  Also a variety of plants sporting inedible berries.


One berry per plant

Cool Purple stripes

Blue belled berries

Oh yes, and an abundance of fresh mushrooms up and making the most of the end of summer.

Some of many Fungi in the woods

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Red Deer Trail – August 15th

And what did the Magpie and I see on our walk to the  Bower Woods and back today?

A sea of Goldrenrod

And a single Goldrenrod plant

More and more and more Smooth Purple Asters

And just a few

Toadflax - Butter and Eaggs

A Mint plant of some variety

Cow Parsnip Seed

Caragana Pods going brown

A Canopy of Orange Mountain Ash Berries

And also,

the first hint of Fall in the leaves across the park

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Also known as Tragopogon dubius.   A plant of waysides and disturbed places.   It’s one I quickly eradicate from my yard.  But – have you ever taken a really close look at it’s luminous seed globe?

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