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Direct Energy at your door

“My old man’s a salesman, whaddya think about that?

He wears a Direct Energy Jacket, he wears a Direct Energy Hat;

He has a Direct Energy name tag, slung about his neck,

And every Friday evening he reads the great consolidation deal from a big black notebook, door-to-door.”

And he’d like you to dump your Enmax account for a five year lock-in energy gas and electric deal with Direct Energy that will cost you $400.00 to back out of later if it takes more than ten days of “cool-down” time to change your mind.

“Please sign on the dotted line right now, on your doorstep, in the gathering dusk.  And no, you can’t call me back, I’ve lost my cell-phone.”

“Well, Sir, we don’t sign things like that without doing some homework.”

Wouldn’t you know it, right there on the net the most abbreviated search brings up kind Mr. Buffy:

I had a rep from Direct Energy come to my door. She showed me an invoice that had a Direct Energy bill on one side, and an ENMAX bill on the other. She was claiming that they are working with ENMAX to consolidate two bills into one. I questioned her that it was odd that two competitors would be working together on something like this. She claimed lower admin costs for the customer and it was a part of this go green campaign. I asked her many times that all she was doing was putting two bills together and not actually de-enrolling me from ENMAX and into Direct. She said, no, blah blah blah.

I signed the paper and go back inside. When I looked into the details on the paper (which she was hesitant to show me, rushing through, covering up) I find out that she did actually switch me from ENMAX to Direct on RRO.

I’ve been hearing this happening to a few people now and they too went through the same experience. So..heads up”

Well, the Magpie did some surfing and it looks like the competition is offering a sweeter deal.  And they don’t have to beat a path to your door to do it.  Seems a more Canadian way somehow.


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