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For Encouragement

Haven’t put any music on the blog for awhile but I was rabbit trailing this morning and listening to videos of currently popular worship music. Here’s one with words to encourage.  Old themes revisited.


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Facing Certain Death

What would you do if you were given six weeks to live?  Today I watched a video made by a beautiful young Mom, just 37, who had been handed just such a prognosis a few days earlier.  The initial breast cancer, which she had been aggressively battling for four years, had spread through her bones, and into her liver.  One of the things she chose to do was to make a public statement of her faith- “Why Death is not Dying”, and video tape it so that some day her children could hear her heart. Rachel made two statements that particularly struck a cord with me.

“There is nothing you can do to make God love you more, and nothing you can do to make God love you less.”

“God allows in his wisdom what he could easily prevent by his power.”

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Puppies behind bars

There is a lot about penal systems that is dismal, beyond distressing even .  But every so often someone has lit a candle in the darkness that is brightening a corner of  it here or there.  The Puppies behind Bars program in New York is such a one.  If you would like to see a gleam of hope in this dark world today, definitely watch this link.

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Hush thee, hush thee, do not fret thee

It rather depends on where you are coming from. To the Scots he was “The Good Sir James,” a great hero, a commander at the Battle of Bannockburn  and a tight friend to Robert the Bruce.

To the English he was  “the Black Douglas”, a bogeyman of the north; and mothers shushed crying babies with the nursery rhyme:

“Hush thee! Hush thee!
Little pet thee.
Hush thee! Hush thee!
Do not fret thee.
The Black Douglas
Shall not get thee.”

The word “fret” seems to specifically conjure up that frazzled state it’s so easy to work myself up into when I’m not willing to surrender matters to God.  Hush thee, hush thee, do not fret thee. . . especially about the future.

“Do not fret, then, over to-morrow; leave to-morrow to fret over it’s own needs; for to-day, to-day’s troubles are enough.”

Matthew 5:34 (Knox)

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Brazen Skies

I’ve been asking God about a specific issue for some time now.  My prayers seemingly  bounce off the brazen skies and tumble back into my lap unanswered.

I checked my computer and it said that it was going to be beautiful, a full 27 degrees, but the forecast for the days ahead went downwards from there.  So I put thirty pages of manuscript on a clipboard (you can go anywhere if you carry a clipboard and look serious) and went out for a working walk.

In between sitting on benches and running an editorial eye over the text, I walked and argued with God about the case I seemed to be getting nowhere on- not the slightest sign of improvement- much less a full blown miracle.

And finally I was left with his advice to Paul- who seemingly learned his lesson after only three stormings of the heavens.  “My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

Perhaps tomorrow I will go back to the model of the unjust judge, and the one of the friend who knocks repeatedly at midnight asking for a loaf of bread.

But yesterday, walking home with the late sun shining on trees set against a blue black sky, a beautiful rainbow keeping me company the last few blocks, I felt content to rest on God’s faithfulness.

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Encouragement in Depression

Yesterday was not the best of days.  My brother was having a dark day battling depression.  I was being progressively less helpful and less patient as the day progressed. “For goodness sake, It’s a broken arm, not cancer!”

What to do?  Eat ice cream and Google?  I know, I know. What about, ”Pray without ceasing, and pick up your Bible?”, but I told you that I was already on the slippery slope.

Anyway, I stumbled on something that rang true and seemed useful.  In addition to linking it I have inserted it whole hog into my Rules of  Thumb pages, under  Depression.  I think I’m going to need to refer to it again.

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