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October 14, Red Deer

The year progresses.  I have adjusted to heading off to the swimming pool in the dark.  But today I came out from the pool, and it was still dark.  That seemed a bit much.  With dawn yet in the offing, I decided to walk over and re-photograph the bench that currently graces my computer wall paper.


September 28th


Here is it, without those cheerful yellow leaves.  Also without snow, yet.


October 14th



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The Cat and the Apple Tree

And it’s sad that the Cat in this establishment has to deal with such a dense human.

Getting her to respond to a simple request can be difficult

But finally she agreed to go outside today.

Admittedly a place where you need to be alert.

Many apple leaves on the ground, but too damp for pouncing on.

The fruit didn' t seem worth climbing for either,

though I did contemplate it.

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On opposite sides of the Road

The Magpie and I went for an evening drive just out of Red Deer this last Monday evening. And then I did so much snapping of other fall colours that nothing from that outing made it into the record.  But here, just to have the memory on file, is what was going on.  The ground was still soft, leaving grain crops still standing,  despite sunshine.  (Though it looks like the upper hillside has better drainage- something is swathed there.)

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Some Vivids

The Birds should be happy with these Mountain Ash berries

And this is? Some form of Kale, I'm thinking

Also found in neatly clipped hedges all over town

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Just before the Rain

I’ve decided that the best time photograph fall colour is just before or just after a rain.  Yesterday started out clear, but by the time I had walked up Spruce Drive, rain was threatening.

I snapped a couple of pictures and decided to return home instead of going on to Rotary Park.

Back up Spruce Drive,

West on 32nd Ave

Through the Underpass at Kin Canyon

Over the bridge

Up out of Bower Woods, just as the first drops started to fall

And then walked on home in a gentle misting rain.

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A Gentler Palette

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September 27, Red Deer

I don’t know if you remember last year and the green leaves that never turned –  that  still clung limply to the trees long after Thanksgiving had come and gone.   Contrary to what I had long believed, it is not merely the shortening of the days that brings out yellow and red .  You also need a wet summer followed by warm  fall days and cool frosty nights.  No wonder that this year’s  moisture, a few nights with sharp frost, and this week of warm sunshine have seen our trees transform into a blaze.

Alas, my little digital camera that has so delighted me with close-ups, renders the glory mostly insipid.  I feel like a baker of burnt bread, scraping and trimming scorched crusts to find something edible to serve.

But here, just so this week does not go unrecorded, are a couple taken just before sunset.

And I couldn’t resist posting this non-connect.

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