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And the victim is: Cow Parsnip

Ah, is it or isn’t it Giant Hogweed?   Today I took different woodland trail here in Red Deer and found many, many Cow Parsnip plants beheaded and broken.  At least I suspect that they were Cow Parsnip because I couldn’t see any red, much less purple in their stems.  Of course it could be that someone had decided to  specialize in dry flower arrangements this fall, but somehow I doubt it.

I did find a plant on one walk  back in late July that I too wondered about:

Is that purple enough for Hogweed?

Certainly towered over my head

Flowers fitting the general description

However I wasn’t sure at all that it wasn’t just healthy Cow Parsnip. I let it be beautiful.  I have a feeling though, that whether it was Giant Hogweed, or just our own native Parsnip- someone has axed it by now.


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Also consider the Giant Hogweed

In my roaming, and snapping of pictures I not only met a caterpillar I hadn’t intended to take a picture of, but some showy blossoms that resembled Queen Anne’s Lace in flower but not leaf.  Shortly after a cousin sent me photos of wild parsnip, a search for more information showed a foot with a nasty raised blister,  and the Google search started me looking further. So are we being invaded by Giant Hogweed or is it merely  Cow Parsnip? The latter gets better press, its a native cousin, but it can also cause similar light triggered reactions. I did find a nice chart of look-a-likes to consult.  I guess I need to go for another walk and look again.

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