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Landlords and Tenants

We’re embarked on a new high learning curve.  We  acquired a mortgage on the other half of my folks’ duplex, on the bank’s understanding that it would be rented. It seemed a prudent use for my inheritance.

This week we advertised for tenants and, as an aside, discovered that Kijiji online is eating the Red Deer Advocate’s lunch.

We also entered into a new arena of trust relationships. You want to rent to someone who will neither trash your property, default on the rent, nor grate on your nerves.  How does one establish trust in a  total stranger?

Number one piece of advice given to us was that in the end it comes down to a “gut feeling.”  Okay I thought, so if I also tap into the Holy Spirit and look for his peace or inner check that should improve the odds.

“Rent with your head not with your heart.”  Sounds good, but it wouldn’t appear to be good business sense to rent to the foreigner (You’ll have 15 people living in the place before you know it.), or the poor (Check that they have sufficient income to pay regularly.) or any number of the least, the lost, and the nearly dead,  our pastor regularly advocates for.

One is invited to judge others, a dangerous occupation for a human.

I found out what triggered my red flags quickly enough. People who didn’t spontaneously take off their shoes before viewing, those who looked down critical noses at the property, those who pushed for more and more concession in areas initially non-negotiable, stories that changed. “She has a job at XYZ.” “Well, actually I’m working on my ticket and I will be applying for a job there.”  We’re a close knit family, I have a budget of $1300, and I want a longterm lease.” ” Well,  actually I’ve just left a bad relationship, social services is helping out, and do you mind if I install a security system?”

I realized that “My girlfriend and I” would not fly with me at all. I cannot be party to supporting a live-in arrangement that violates my moral standards.

Well, we’ve rented.  We consulted the Holy Spirit, and listened for inner-checks.  We made concessions to our ideal but not to our moral convictions.  If we didn’t rent to a stranger, widow, or the desperately poor,  I think we at least followed the injunction to “do good to those who are of the household of faith.”

I’m sure this is just the beginning of a saga.  Hopefully it will unfold to be a faith walk and a “God thing.”


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