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Mysophobia- and where’s that bottle of bleach?

Don’t know if I should cure myself of dipping into the blogs and blog rolls of total strangers or not.

Anyway, I was lurching and lurking and found one that made me want to laugh- and contemplate what sponges I might have!

After all, I was the Mom who believed that you have to eat a peck of dirt in your life to stay healthy, who taught her kids that “ants are clean, cockroaches are dirty- so just flick that ant off the top of the dish and dig in; and other such comfortable theories. When we come back from time in Africa I do not send stool specimens into a lab. I figure that if I’m not actively sick I should live in peace with whatever protozoa have hitched a ride ( On the theory that if I clean them all out and leave a swept empty house, ten times worse might take up residence.)

But this week I hounded my pregnant daughter about taking the advantage of the H1N1 Vaccination clinics (and then played with our small grand-daughter who was a bit feverish post vaccination, and worried a tiny bit about potential side-effects.)  And  yesterday we bought hand sanitizer, put it in the car and used it.  Mysophobia, I guess.

Oh- about the blog.  If you want to know about the microbes lurking in your house, here’s the lowdown, or one of them.


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