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Books I have actually finished- Part One

I’ve made a commitment to read more.  After all, having started blogging I need something to blog about, right?

One of my rules of thumb is to read books my daughter recommends to me. We share similar tastes. So this Sunday, after church, and dinner, I settled myself down in the rocking chair with “My Sister’s Keeper”, by Jodi Picoult- a Janet pick.  And I read on, and still on, until long after the day grew dark (actually not that difficult these days), until I reached the final page.

Take the dynamics of a family with a special need child. Make that need leukemia, with recurrent crises, and hospitalizations. And then jack up the tension with a 13 year old who was biologically engineered to be a donor for her older sister. And then, shades of  John Grisham, have that child ask a lawyer to sue her parents for control of her own body.

“What happened last night?” When Anna goes mute, I lose my patience.” Listen if you are not going through with the lawsuit. . . Because I’m not a family therapist or your best buddy; I’m your attorney . . . . So I will ask you one more time: have you changed your mind about this lawsuit?”

I expect this tirade to put an end to the litigation, to reduce Anna to a wavering puddle of indecision.  But to my surprise, she looks right at me, cool and collected. “Are you still willing to represent me? she asks.

Against my better judgement, I say yes.

“Then no,” she says, ” I haven’t changed my mind.”

Rated PG13, but well worth reading, as a page turner, and for the moral dilemmas of love it works you through.


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