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Books I have actually finished- Part two

The other book that has been occupying my time is a Magpie pick;

“Mistakes Were Made,(but not by me)  Why we Justify foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions and Hurtful Acts.” by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson

This is a fascinating look at the psychology of self-justification, though a little un-nerving when it hits close to home.  It is wonderfully readable, and free of jargon.  If it does use a “psychological term” it also unpacks it in clear ordinary English and illustrates it with wonderful life examples.

Today I was reading in Romans, in Monsignor Knox’s translation again, when I came to the statement, “I am not ashamed of this gospel. It is an instrument of God’s power . . . It reveals God’s way of justifying us. . .”

And I thought.  Yes, we all have this drive to be just, to be a “good” person.  It has been hard-wired into us.

The problem is when we take on the burden of justifying ourselves.  Mortals were not engineered to carry Divine loads.  When we try to do God’s work for him all sorts of breakdown occurs.

I harvested a slew of good quotes and short passages from this book, for future use, and I’ve stored them on a Page called, Mistakes Were Made.


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