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Shrive thyself

“You dug a hole to China, and now the neighbour’s cat is missing.”  The Happy Moron has a new game up. It can’t be won, but we all play it in life, and even the game version is irresistible.  I’ve found myself playing it a number of times since he posted it.


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Touting the Tales

What happens when Jack looses his beanstalk, the Princess looses her frog, Puss ‘n Boots has no cat?  I’ve been toting “The Happy Moron”‘s retold tales for some time.  Now he’s reorganized his site to make the stories super easy to access. I recommend Mostly Fairy Tales for a good read.

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“Anglican funk”

What is it?  I don’t know, and the Happy Moron is a little unspecific about defining it.  However back in April I said that I would link to his site on the matter if he’d build me a page.  Well I now have a page and if you want to know more about “Anglican Funk” please go trouble the Happy Moron and give him the static.

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