Time Line

Actually the translation process started  many years ago but this time line is starting from the birth of this blog.  It sat down for over a year untouched once we finished type-setting, but it’s up again as of October 24th, 2010.

November 11- T.V. spot on Channel 3 Noon News to advertise the Dedication- Wes and Joseph Kudjo did a good job. Emmanuel and I were the cheering team.  There is also a radio spot on FM lined up.

November 10, 2010 I arrived in Ghana after an uneventful trip.

October 27  Major meeting with all Nkonya Churches, including planning for a Thanksgiving Service the Sunday after the Dedication, New Testaments beginning to pre-sell.  The painting is finished on our house.  Coconut and orange trees have been planted around the office.

October 26

With an updated license, and a new battery in the truck and brake work finished (yet again) on the truck brakes, Wes is on his way to Wurupong today.  Still working on finalizing housing for all incoming guests but it’s coming.

October 24th 2010

Time to reactivate this time line.  I can see it has been sadly neglected.  For over a year it looks like.  In February I took the first bound printer’s copy of the New Testament to Ghana when making a two month visit.  Committee’s were struck for the dedication and a date was set- November 20th, 2010.  The Chiefs and Elders, and all the Churches were informed and their aid solicited. We moved our operations to our new office site.

In July 2,000 copies arrived at the port in Tema, Ghana and went up to Nkonya to be stored in the office.

On October 20th Wes flew out to help in the planning process.  I will follow on November 9th.  Life is speeding up.


In addition to working on the upcoming New Testament Dedication work has been proceeding on the Nkonya Old Testament.  Genesis, Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, Ruth, and Jonah are in first draft. I Samuel and Joshua are well on their way.  I finished a first level course in Biblical Hebrew in mid-August and am now working through the first draft of Genesis.

Wes has been working with an international project to configure netbook computers with Linux versions of Translation Software. Better computer virus resistance, less power requirements, increased portability, better backup control, more user friendly, especially designed for remote locations that don’t have a lot of IT support.


Oct 6, 2009

Complete set of second round of proofs back from Dallas today- complete with 1,400 high tones after commas dropped, and two new illustrations and a welter of other changes.  Small- small catches the monkey’s tail. ( And its a cool blustery day out there with wind and rain driving fall leaves down the street.  The trees never did put on a brave show of colour this year. Some are still green, and many have just gone directly from green to brown in a day or two.) My brother is doing better with a change of medications, had his cast removed today and promptly washed up dishes.

Sept 29  Wes mailed off all the corrections to the first set of printer’s proofs yesterday.  And he found a new  more efficient way to check for errors in tone-marks.  Isn’t it ever the way? Two steps forward, one back. Now there will be a new raft of changes to make.  And the weather has switched from summer mode to fall.  But it hit the twenties right through September 25th so it’s hard to justify complaining.

Sept 16

Weather in Red Deer is still holding fine.  Yesterday I went walking again and finished reading through Jude- so just Revelation left to read through.  Wes has been cleaning up this and that on the translation, Emmanuel has been answering all my comments and questions. We have a family funeral to attend this Friday so I hope to have everything read through and all comments registered by Thursday night. My brother finds windows here and there in the darkness- usually a scripture that lifts him up for a few hours here and there but it’s pretty dismal over all.  Our sponsored students are starting back into their school years.  It takes quite a while for school wheels to roll smoothly in the fall, partly because many students are still scrambling for funds and have not yet reported.

Sept 6

Sunny Sunday morning.  Good to have a husband home.  My brother too depressed to even attempt church.  Reading in Galatians in Nkonya- page 386 out of 535.

Sept 5

Wes leaves Dallas to travel to Red Deer.

Sept 4

Obtained a great new diagram of the Temple in Jerusalem.  Translating a temple building with two rooms divided by a curtain, plus the idea of surrounding courts and things like pillared verandas and all the various temple paraphanalia, has given us more than a few days thought.  In Nkonya animal sacrifice is common and the rituals carefully prescribed, but they are far different from the Jewish system.

Sept 3

Emmanuel leaves Tamale to travel to Wurupong.

Every language has beautiful words.  Nkonya has the word ɔbɩsʋfɛ- literally it translates as, the-rope-at-hand.  When you need to tie a stack of firewood up to carry home from farm you reach for that convenient rope at hand to do so. How many people would venture out into  the wilderness without a coil of handy  rope somewhere?  In Nkonya it refers to that person you depend on in every situation. We used it in Acts 10:7  to describe the soldier that was sent to Peter by Cornelius.  Reading through the New Testament I’m enjoying various “beautiful words” as I read along.

Sept 2

Wes had a good productive day.  I did not- home issues being  more than a mite stressful.

Sept 1

5:49 a.m. Pink clouds tinted with the first morning light outside. Can it be September already?  Sending off comments on Romans, and reading in I Corinthians this morning- or at least I will be when I finish playing with the blog. Like, right now!

August 29

Wes booked his flight back from Dallas for Sept 5th. Hopefully we will have read all the first proofs by then.  When you finish reading Acts you are 3/5ths of the way through.  We will finish the rest of the type-setting long distance.  I get the feeling that Emmanuel is also ready to quit Tamale and go home. Better internet contact than in Wurupong, but far from what we had hoped for.

August 28

By noon yesterday I was feeling frustrated with our limited communications with Tamale, and my inability to help my deeply depressed brother, and being in the house, so I took a peripatetic approach to reading Acts.  Walk to a bench, read four pages outloud, walk to the next bench, read four pages, walk. . . I came home thirty pages later.  And I discussed the merits of short vs long skateboards with two young men, met a fellow church member out pushing his mother through the woods in a wheelchair, snacked on late saskatoons and early rosehips, saw an antlered buck bounding across a stream, smelt newly mown grass, and spruce trees, and had a coffee (and read seven pages) at Tim Hortons.  Onward we go.

August 27

Still plugging, and flooding Wes with small needed changes.  Emmanuel pulling way ahead and reading in the Corinthians. I’m just in the last pages of John.  In 235 pages I have only found one actual typing mistake, a tribute to Emmanuel’s carefulness. Emmanuel Latse

August 26

Every draft of a New Testament book has been gone through with a fine tooth comb- many times.  For many years we have basically been looking at accurate meaning, and have almost always been checking phrase by phrase, word by word, against the English, or the Greek. This time I’m gulping down pure Nkonya, reading straight through the text aloud, assuming the text is correct in meaning, looking for mechanics.  A plus has been the way that certain turns of the text jump out and touch me. This morning I came to John 4:49. A literal back translation of the last part it is, “If our feet don’t put on speed, the child will die.”  God had everything in control and the healing had nothing at all to do with the speed of human feet. But don’t we just feel that way so often?

August 25

Justa carrying on.  A lot of translation is just that- sticking yourself in front of a computer, and plugging.  (See the blog for why Nkonyas do the actual translation and we just consult.)

August 24

Wes has been busy processing the comments Emmanuel and I send him, and working on the glossary. I sent off comments on Mark today and am almost finished reading Luke.  Emmanuel has finished reading John and will send his comments tomorrow.  He reads Nkonya faster than I do and for longer at a time.  Of course I also took some lengthy detours checking verb paradigms (an excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie- Emmanuel just does it better!).  One of the pluses of Dallas is that we have a couple of former Ghana colleagues there.  So Wes is being taken out for supper tonight to talk “Ghana stuff.”

August 21

Beautiful day of sunshine in Red Deer, and Dallas, and most likely in Tamale.  So why are we all feeling a tad blue? Displaced and  just settling down to slogging it out, I guess.  Each Gospel, except for Mark, which only has 16 chapters, represents about 13% of the New Testament. Am now reading in Luke 5.  And yes, in Nkonya, you can start a new sentence with But, or Because.

August 20

Tamale internet still down but our colleagues sent emails for Emmanuel. Lists of changes come from Ghana- headings, and footnotes, and commas and periods get altered. Yawn making stuff to hear about, but the kind of mistakes that are irritating to find in a newly published book.   On the home front I struggle to find some way to help lighten my brother’s depression.

August 19

A quiet day. I spent much of the day reading the book of Matthew outloud, checking mostly for misplaced or missing commas, periods, and the like.  Wes checked section headings. Emmanuel was also reading for errors, but I’m not sure what he focused on.  The Tamale IT department helped him find a place to go on line today and we enjoyed a threesome conversation on messenger this morning.

August 18

I talked to Emmanuel in Tamale this morning.  He says that the internet provider hopes to have the internet back up in about two weeks when replacement parts come in.  Meanwhile our colleagues have down-loaded the first New Testament proofs for Emmanuel and are bringing them to him on a pen drive.  He says that they are about to travel but will take him downtown and show him the best internet cafe available.  When the brook dries up there is a widow in Zarephath.

August 17

Oh my goodness, I have just down-loaded the first,  first draft pdf files from Darryl the typesetter, and I want to cry.  For the first time it has really come home to me that this baby is about to go to print. Someone find me a box of kleenex quickly.

August 16

Colleagues in Tamale, living in another part of town have emailed us and said that they have a good internet connection and are willing and able to download large pdf files for us and to  bring them over to the office for Emmanuel to print out until the office connection is reinstated.  Thank God for a way round.  Thank him too,  that the actual computers and printers were not blown.

August 15

Just had a phone call from Tamale, and our head office.  Last night there was a lightening strike which took out their internet access.  If the provider has the parts it may be back up by Tuesday. Otherwise. .  .

August 14

Emmanuel now has a new laser printer and five reams of paper.  Wes is sending him off  all the chosen pictures and suggested subtitles.  He will make final selections, and tidy up the titles over the weekend.  On Monday Darrel, the type-setter, will insert pictures into the text and send off the complete New Testament in PDF files by email.  The rest of the week we will proof on three different copies in three different countries.  Did I say that I too, need to go out and purchase a printer and five reams of paper?  Still cheaper than having us all converge on Dallas.

August 13

Picking the illustrations today.  This is the fun stuff.  Wes has a CD with 2,000 possibles.  We are allowed 20 picks.  Some are chosen to illustrate unknown objects – a horse with bridle, grapevines, ships, a pharisee with phylactery.  Some are chosen because the story is beloved- the raising of Lazarus, the crucifixion, the empty tomb, the good Samaritan.  Some meet both criteria- Paul and Silas in stocks, the chariot of the Ethiopian eunuch.  And once you pick them you have to decide where to place them. Onward, ever onwards.

August 12

Emmanuel up and running on Skype and Messenger.  Wes out of bed.  This is going to be an interesting month, coordinating three different time zones.  They say that we need to be prepared to print out the whole New Testament as many as three times during the checking  Hopefully there is a printer available for sale in Tamale because it’s a bit much to borrow someone else’s for that much printing.

August 11

Emmanuel arrives in Tamale after 27 hours on the road by public transport, about the same time we receive a memo from the head office stating that as of tomorrow the office will be closed for two weeks of general leave. Panic clutches. We send off emails. Fortunately, not everything will shut down and the computer personnel will set him up on Skype and Messenger tomorrow.   We breathe a sigh of relief.

August 10

Wes has set up shop in an office in the Dallas center.  He’s no longer dreaming of a two week stint to put the text to bed. Yesterday he worked on the table of contents, and settled pretty much on which pictures and illustrations to use. You get to pick twenty or so out of the hundreds available.

August 9, 2009

Wes safely ensconced in the Dallas Center Guest house.  Fast, fast internet so we have messaging and Skype. No scorpions in his shoes yet. Temperatures hovering around 40C.  Everything indoors gets air-conditioned there.

August 10, 2009

Emmanuel Latse leaves for Tamale so that he can join the type-setting process by satellite inter-net link.  At least 24 hours or more by public transport.

August 7, 2009

Wes flies down to Dallas to start type-setting the New Testament.


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